Emily Tuttle, Owner
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About Us and Our Math Tutors

Looking for a math tutor? You can rest easy now—you have come to the right place.   MMS proudly offers private, in-home math tutoring where your convenience is key.

Who are we?   Math Made Simple began as a thought in the mind of Emily Tuttle, when as a senior in high school, she was able to help a young junior-high student with pre-algebra.   His grade rose over 20 points in just 4 weeks.   She saw the light bulb "go off" in his head and realized that teaching was her calling.   After tutoring all through college and in a wide range of math classes, Emily graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Math Education from Bob Jones University.   She taught Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, Pre-Calculus, and Trigonometry for 4 years at a private school in North Charleston.   Increasingly though, she felt called to help more students one-on-one, so in 2007 she left teaching.

Along with working as a full-time banking professional (another math venue), she began tutoring in math privately and quickly had 15 students.   In 2008, Math Made Simple, LLC was formed and well–qualified math tutors were added to the payroll, all with a single purpose: Student success.
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Where are We Going?

Exponential Success Graphic MMS (Math Made Simple) proudly serves all age groups and ability levels.   We have "teacher-hearted" math tutors who specialize in elementary education.   Their energy levels help excite and motivate the younger students into learning.   Whether our younger student needs help with multiplication, division, critical thinking skills for story problems or just confidence in math, our tutors are up for the challenge.   Our middle school and high school tutors are well-trained communicators who thrive on "breaking down" concepts so they can be easily understood and duplicated.

We have also seen a wide range of student success in SAT/ACT prep, college entrance exam prep and military officer candidacy exams.   We are passionate about all math tutoring.