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Tutor Emily Tuttle with Student
Deanna, 16
(From Julie, Deanna's Mom:) "Emily; math tutor extraordinaire!!! From the word go she had distinguished between my daughter's strengths and weaknesses, devising a plan of action. Deanna went from F's to A's within a semester. Emily built her confidence and gave her the tools needed to succeed not only in math, but in every subject in school. The one-on-one tutoring sessions slowly began to melt away the confusion. No longer did math seem like a foreign language; only for the privileged few that master it.
United States Naval Academy Logo
David, 21
(From David's Mom) "We just got David's ACT scores today and he scored a 26 on this test!! David was thrilled with his scores and said the (U.S. Naval) academy counselor at the nuke base had mentioned 26 as a good score, so we're hoping this will help him. Thank you again for all the help you gave David. I'm really glad we found you!"

( and a little later...) "...we just found out Friday that David was accepted to the Naval Academy Prep School, aka NAPS, which is the Navy's precursor to the actual Naval Academy! We are very proud of him! ...thanks again for all you've done!"

DeAnna, 16
(From DeAnna's Mom) "DeAnna enjoyed tutoring with you on Saturday. You may have spoiled her for anyone else!! Your help is priceless, thanks again."
Josh, 14
(From Josh's Mom) "I believe that Andrea has made an impact on Josh's comprehension of Algebra... He has not passed a Math test since 1 quarter, so this is something to get excited about. Andrea seem to be very patient and works well with Josh, and no complaints from him! Just wanted to give you some positive feedback on Andrea, and let you know what a confidence booster this has been for Josh, and a relief to me just knowing that he just needed the extra push and encouragement from a source other than MOM."
Sean, 14
(From Sean's Father) "I want to say the Sean has brought his grade up to an 83 average. Thanks to you and Andrea for all of your help."